With the advancement in business technology and methods, we too have evolved our business to a level where communication with the customers is a walk in the park. However, at times we also think about having someone with us on the journey to success. Affiliation has been on our mind from a long time, and we are looking for someone to come on board with us and taste success up and close.

Hence, it would make sense to have a business affiliated with us. If you are someone looking for long-term affiliation, you are at the right place. Nevertheless, some might be a bit doubtful about getting involved in a business as affiliates.

Never mind, we will let our experts explain to you how affiliating with us would help you.

Conversion Rate of 20% to 40%

In business terminology, the conversion rate considers the desired action taken by a customer. It can include anything from a simple subscription of the newsletter, email to browsing the website. Many factors contribute to the conversion rate including interest of the website visitor, easiness of the process, and how attractive is the offer.

Having shared this information, now consider this fact for a second. The reason why we are asking you to become an affiliate with us is that presently our website conversion rate is between 20% and 40%. Now for a second, imagine how much the conversion rate would increase with our forces combined, not to forget the profit.

In short, the increased conversion rate would bring in more customers, which means increased business profit.

What about Cookies?

We knew that you had this question in mind all along. For starters, a cookie is a value, which gets stored on the computer of the user when they visit your site via an affiliate link. The cookie time refers to the 30-day duration set for every cookie stored on the user’s computer.

It means that in case the user who came via an affiliate link to your website purchases a product within 30 days then the affiliate would receive a commission for the referral. However, the duration of the cookie time can be expanded depending upon the business goal.

What about Recurring Payments?

Many often wonder as to whether the affiliate would award commission for recurring payments if the cookie time were just of 30 days. When the user would pay for a membership or subscription, and the commission would track then the affiliate would not need to rely on the cookie for the commission.

However, you need not worry about the payment as we have a fixed fee of 10% on every featured product. These products can include those created by professional artists, customized products, and those made by a website visitor.

How Can You Become an Affiliate?

The process of becoming our partner does not require too much hassle. A simple form filling and we would connect with you. If our idea connects, Welcome Aboard.