5 Reasons Why People Who Buy Digital Art Are Better At Making Love.

Listen. There are lots of important reasons why you should buy art this year. But today I’m only gonna focus on ONE: People who buy art are much, much better at sex than people who don’t.

Don’t believe me? It’s true! People who buy art can FUCK. Here are the SUPER SCIENTIFIC reasons why (okay, not really scientific, but here me out).

1. Art lovers know what they like

Whether they’re asserting a little dominance in the bedroom or choosing something that speaks to their sole, art lovers aren’t afraid to grab the reigns and take charge when the moment is right.

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2. They’re open to trying new things.

Digital art is a new trend and they aren’t afraid to try it. And we all know that the best lovers are op to a little experimentation.

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3. They’re always striving to make things better.

Whether they’re improving their oral skills or looking for a new art piece, art lovers are never satisfied with “good enough.”

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4. They’re highly attuned to what’s happening around them.

If you’ve ever had the misfortune of being with someone who was a little…inattentive…you know how boring it can be. But NOBODY is more engaged with the world around them than an art lover!

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5. And finally……..they can always locate the perfect spot.

Navigating online to find something you like is a lot work. But they don’t mind. They put in the work to find it. Same goes for the G-spot on their partner, art lovers are always willing to work hard to find the perfect spot.

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What are you waiting for? Prove that you’re great at sex and buy digital art.


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